How to Choose a Quality Cleaning Company

Searching for the right cleaning company can be tiresome.

Yet, it’s a task worth taking your time over as once you’ve found a quality company, you’ll likely stay with the same provider for a long time.

Making a rash decision when selecting a commercial cleaner can end up being costly. You could find yourself paying for additional cleaning services to fix mistakes, shelling out money to repair damage and replacing lost goods if you hire an unreliable cleaner.

In this blog, we talk about how to choose a cleaning company that won’t disappoint or cost you anything more than the upfront service cost.

Here’s a step-by-step snippet of how to choose a cleaning company:

  1. Refine your search by location.
  2. Align your needs with company values.
  3. Trust testimonials and ratings.
  4. Search for industry-specific services.

Refine Your Search by Location

An obvious but essential step is to search by your local area.

Searching your local area will make researching cleaning companies online easier by either searching “cleaning companies near me” or “cleaning companies in [location]”. For example, customers could find us by searching “cleaning companies in Leicestershire.”

Searching by your local area will streamline the results into a list of companies categorised by distance and star-rating.

By doing this, you can quickly shuffle through local companies and choose three or four to investigate further.

Align Your Needs with Company Values

When landing on a client’s website –– or reading a flier or advertisement –– try to spot words and sentences that align with your needs.

If efficiency is the most important factor for you, you’ll want to look for signs that the company is quick, effective and professional. Reliability is another characteristic people want cleaning companies to possess. If this is true with you, try to look for companies that focus on these values or are a family-owned business with a proven track record. The cost of a cleaning service could also be on your radar. Try to look for services that seem affordable without compromising work quality.

Ideally, a company should give you peace of mind about all of these things. Ask yourself, does this company’s message give me the impression they’ll provide an efficient, trustworthy service at a fair price?

Trust Testimonials and Ratings

Once you’ve heard from a company, it’s time to hear from its customers.

Client testimonials will give you crucial social proof that a cleaning service is all of the things they promise. Testimonials in your industry can also address specific worries such as whether cleaners are DBS-checked in school settings.


mcs cleaning client testimonial

An example of one of our client testimonials.


Where a star-rating can give you a snapshot of a company’s value, testimonials provide you with rich detail about why a company is so popular.

Search for Industry-Specific Services

There are over 32,000 contract cleaning companies in the UK, all specialising in something different.

Some companies will be domestic –– specialising in private home cleaning. Others will be commercial –– like us –– specialising in office, school and other industrial types of cleaning.

These sectors have their subsectors. In commercial cleaning, you might be looking for somebody to carry out window cleaning or retail cleaning. There are cleaning services for every niche, including things like after building cleaning. Here are some other examples of industry-specific cleaning services we offer:

Once you’ve found a services page like this, you’ll discover detailed information about how each cleaning service is carried out and to what level a cleaning company can service your venue. This is where you’ll be able to make an executive decision about whether this cleaning service is right for you.

The final step is to get in touch for an initial quote and consultation.

Reliable cleaning companies should have multiple points of contact so you can choose the most convenient route for you. At MCS cleaning, you can contact us for a free quote and expert consultation by phone, email and fax. You can also send us a message on social media, fill out our online form or visit us at our Leicestershire office.


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