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From small industrial units to large high bay, MCS can provide the factory cleaning services you require for your interior and exterior cleaning as well cleaning factory equipment. Our range of services cover; cleaning brick, stone, concrete, metal, tarmac and paint, as well removing graffiti; cleaning cladding, roofs and gutters; renovating facades; removing dust and dirt; repainting and cleaning silos and tanks.

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Factory Cleaning

Our cleaning team are ready to serve you, whether it is a one off job during maintenance shutdowns or breakdowns, or on a regular basis as part of your company’s maintenance and cleaning program. We maintain an excellent track record on completing our jobs within deadlines, which is a must for shutdowns and production cleaning when the downtime has to be limited. Our management team plans all tasks in accordance to our Method Statements and Risk Assessments. 


In warehousing environments, floor cleaning can be a particular problem. Dirt that has been trodden in or brought in on the wheels of vehicles, rubber from warehouse vehicle wheels, oils and greases. Add into the mix a little water and accidents are almost inevitable.

We have the technical know-how and experience of chemical cleaning along with the most sophisticated equipment for warehouse floor cleaning. Which includes all industrial non slip flooring, sealed concrete, painted concrete, epoxy resin, polyurethane and mezzanine floors. Our expertise minimises the cleaning time and maximises the effectiveness of your warehouse cleaning programme.

MCS have developed a wide range of superbly effective warehouse cleaning techniques.

Our highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians use these cutting edge methods, equipment and commercial chemicals to keep your warehouse flooring clean, thus you benefit from improved safety and productivity.

Graffiti Removal

There are many variables that dictate the types of methods and corresponding services MCS will perform. Many times, pressure washing is a great start. When pressure washing isn’t enough, we use a variety of environmentally-safe cleaning agents to remove graffiti. Whether it’s plastic, metal, brick, wood, stone, concrete and other building materials, we have a safe product to use.

Another method is color matching. While onsite, we’ll expertly match an existing color and paint a surface edge-to-edge to clean up unsightly markings.

Each incident of graffiti is unique and we are armed with effective removal tools and extensive knowledge to achieve superior results for your job.

Graffiti is destructive and a terrible nuisance if left for a sustained period of time. Our goal at MCS is to respond to reports of graffiti within 24-48 business hours.

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