Trauma Cleaning

MCS trauma cleaning services are unique and highly specialised; we will clean any area in the home or business which has been affected by any presence of biological or infectious waste, such as body fluids and blood.

MCS have the skills and capabilities to deal with accident, trauma scene, crime scene abatement and or containment, deodorisation and disposal of potentially infectious materials. Once an area has been cleared of all contamination MCS will take all appropriate actions to return the residence or business to its original state. This may or may not include removal and or replacement of doors, windows, floor boards, locks and permanent fixtures as well as floor and wall coverings. Our primary aim is reinstate normality after any such traumatic event.

Our staff are sympathetic, trained and experienced in dealing with high profile incidents and client confidentiality is a priority. In addition, MCS adheres to all UK laws and regulations for the safe disposal of bio hazard and medical waste due to infectious agents.

Situations my include any of the following:

  • A burglar can leave behind blood as they break through glass windows and doors.
  • There is a possibility that the perpetrator of criminal damage spreads excrement around the property or business premises or establishment.
  • A drug user can leave behind used needles or sharps such as razor blades.
  • A death has occurred without knowledge and the body has started purging and or decomposition.
  • A person has committed suicide or attempted a suicide.