Hard Floors

Many existing clients have non-slip floors on their sites. Whilst these are great for safety, it is difficult with just regular floor cleaning to preserve their clean looking appearance long term. Some non-slip floors are of a semi-porous nature, which over time allow dirt to become absorbed. As a consequence they can begin to look stained and dirty, even though the surface of the floor has been cleaned. Once this happens, it is virtually impossible to provide a clean-looking finish with just a sweep and mop alone.

Periodic professional cleaning of this type of floor allows us to significantly improve and in many cases completely restore the clean appearance of the floors, by bringing the ground-in dirt to the surface, and allowing us to clean this away effectively.

Carpet Cleaning

If you are looking for carpet cleaning for your business premises, we achieve outstanding results using our own specialist team, who are experienced in cleaning many different types of carpet. We use a hot water extraction method, as research indicates this has the best capability of cleaning the fibres and pile within the carpet, therefore removing dirt & bacteria.

MCS carries out this a simple process; Firstly an inspection of the carpet will be carried out, then an emulsifier or detergent will be applied, next the carpet will be rinsed with water, and finally the water along with the dirt, grime and stains will be extracted. Within a few hours, in a well-ventilated space, the carpet will be dry again and ready for use. With this quick drying time, carpets can be cleaned at any time, both within normal working hours or outside working hours, during the week or at the weekend, to suit your specific requirements.

Upholstery Cleaning

We also carry out upholstery cleaning using the same method of hot water extraction, but with specific upholstery cleaning tools, successfully removing the most stubborn of stains, although there is no guarantee, our dedicated team will try their upmost to achieve the best clean and removal of stains on your carpet or upholstery.

Please contact MCS Cleaning and Maintenance for an informal, no obligation chat about this and any other of our cleaning services.


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